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How I Fixed My Car Lighter Socket for Less Than $0.50 (20 Pesos)!

I have been using my car for almost five years now and it breaks my heart when a sudden car feature malfunction occurs. I was so sad when I learned that my lighter socket didn’t worked when I tried to put the cellphone mobile charger in it. Last Christmas, my sister gave me a car kit. This includes a car ashtray and a car cellphone charger. I always complain that I can’t charge in my car because it has no USB port install in it but I never thought of buying one which can be inserted in the car lighter socket. lol. Until now, I’m still not sure why I didn’t buy one for myself which is very unlikely. I always find a solution when a problem arises but this time, for being a cheapskate is the reason why I didn’t buy one for myself.

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How To Request For Unencumbered Certificate of Registration for your Car

This is an incredible story about how I got to removed the “Encumbered” status from my Car’s Certificate of Registration (CR). After four (4) long years, finally, I paid my car loan to its last single cent. Imagine the happiness that I’m feeling right now while I’m writing this article?