About Me

Welcome to SSS Online Inquiry!

My name is Jackie Laiz and I created SSSOnlineInquiry.NET, an online portal where people can find great information about interesting events and and unique experiences that I encounter in my daily life.

At SSS Online Inquiry, my goal is to help the people who search for answers that relates to common basic questions such as how to do this and that, you’ll see the several tutorials and review in my blog post.

You Probably Want To Know More About Me

Again, My Name is Jackie. I’m twenty eight (28) years old and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Though I graduated with a Finance Degree, I already shift my sails to IT Industry. I already left the stressful environment of Finance and move my work desk to a much more nicer place which is IT. I’m currently employed as an IT Professional Manager in a Japanese Tech Company. I handle the account of a huge Australian Company where I manage all their IT Assets and Infrastructure.

I’ve been working for about five years now jumping from one company to another. I have a very short stint with my first job because the salary is low and the growth is limited so I decided to find what they call “the greener pasture”. So I landed on a well known Finance Company with great benefits after a couple of months of searching. I’ve worked there for about 3 years before I landed myself to my current company. Reason for leaving? I’m still looking for a far more less stressful environment. Which I already found here in my current. I was really lucky to have my work here because the work load is very light, work shift schedule is awesome (I have a 6AM to 3PM shift!) wherein I don’t encounter the heavy traffic of Metro Manila plus the salary is good!

Just so you know, I will be getting married this May 2017 to my long time boyfriend so most of the blog posts that you’ll be seeing is about how to guides or reviews about different wedding suppliers. Most wedding suppliers that I will be reviewing are the suppliers that we already booked. I can’t write anything on a specific supplier if I haven’t tried it yet. My goal here is to provided my readers my honest opinion so it could give them idea that will help them in decision making in the future.

Another topic that you’ll be seeing in my blog is the Job Application requirements such as NBI Clearance, SSS, Pag IBIG and  Philhealth. I intend to write this articles to help my fellow countryment with their affairs with these agencies. I noticed when I visited the Pag IBIG Branch that many people are going to Pag IBIG Branch without knowing that they can do this at home through the Pag IBIG Website.

So now, being a great human being and an awesome contributor to the world. I have decided to create this website (TimmyTummy.COM) to share my knowledge to help people

Timmy Tummy is created to inspire you to get your dream job!